Thursday, August 18, 2016

Victorian Frock

In case your wondering a Frock is just a loosely fitted garment. 
 Most Victorian/Edwardian type dresses can be referred to as a frock. Just another fun name for a dress from this era

I haven't made a victorian outfit for probably a year+ and I had this one all cut out just waiting to be pieced together for quite a while now. I was getting a little frustrated with it and not sure liked it..but wow! once I put on the all the finishing details, I can now say I love how it turned out!

The original design I pulled from a picture of an old magazine Ad I had found online. I made up a pattern, picked out fabric and cut it all out, but sadly that was it! I never got to sewing it forward to this past week I decided to pull it out and finish it, yay! 
At first I could not remember what it was suppose to look like and of course I didn't save the picture, but after some hunting, I found the picture again and this time I saved it. 

Once I had that, I started sewing away; but after I had the frock mostly done with Nellie modeling it for me (to check its fit etc.) it just didn't look right or as great as I had imagined:( So I started adding lace, tucking up the band over the skirt, adding a few lace bows and what difference that made! It suddenly looked so much better!

And so ends the story of this frock.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Free American Girl Patterns

I paid some money for these original Pleasant Co. American Girl doll patterns. I really wanted to buy them all but that was a lot of $$, so you can imagine my excitement when I found all of them free as downloads. I still held onto my originals and use them to often to ever get rid of, even if I could just print them all up.
I love these patterns and wanted to share the link with you all. Anyone who's looking to sew some AG originals here you go!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Behind the scenes...

I thought I'd show you all what goes into making my outfits.
I have been wanting to do some medieval dress for a long time (and yes I say that about most of my projects;), I absolutely love these simple long flowing dresses. 
So to start with, there are many styles reflecting different years, when you think medieval it can be anywhere from the early 1200 to the late years of 1600. Style didn't change nearly as much then, as they have in the past 200 years. 
This is just some of what I found while looking into designing a medieval dress.

I decided on a more 1400s style of dress which is basically a tunic with gores sewn in to add fullness to the "skirt". 

I don't know for sure the use of head wear in medieval times. From what I've gathered, so far, in the middle ages head wear is like everything else, was worn for more practical reasons such as to protect your hair from getting to dirty as you don't wash it on a daily bases. Fancier head wear was for court and the more wealthy, one way of showing off your wealth. Ladies, could go about bare headed if they chose without it being a social scandal. I have noticed that hair was general kept up, probably to keep it out of your way, ladies didn't cut they're hair back then. This however is all my own thoughts on the subject based off of the paintings I have seen and may not be accurate historical fact at all.

Belts seem to be worn by everyone, I think this is because they were handy way to carry things and tuck things into. From what I've seen the use of pockets hasn't been invented yet.

Fabrics, most often used were wool, linen, and silks; but I can get into all that some other time. 

Now buttons, I have seen many other reproduction dresses and loved the cloth button details! Yes, buttons are accurate for a medieval dress.

I found this picture along with some textile info. from this site Here

I even found step by step picture on how to make the buttons. I'll be doing mine a little different...

This is of 1500s style are starting to become more fancy and dress like

And that is how I start the process of making my outfits, lot more goes into them then you probably thought, huh?

Medieval dress (for AG dolls) of the 1300s, Coming soon!!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Welcome Jane Austen

Like Jane Austen transports you to another era in time, this dress brings the year of 1812 to life.
Made, with the quickly becoming fashionable cotton and a lacy fichu to drap over the shoulders.
Welcome little Miss Austen, wearing my latest regency dress.

I drafted up the pattern for this dress myself,
 with a little help from some AG patterns, for the basic structure

The lovely lace fichu 

This is a drop front/bib front gown closures all being snaps,
 Buttons just didn't seem to fit, a dress like this more often used pins instead of buttons.

As always you can find this dress in my shop Here 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Flappers Look Out!

I have been wanting to make a 1920s dress, with a "full" skirt, for quite a while. So I am proud to present to you all my first 1920s doll dress!
 I love blues and decided why not combined two different blues? The dress is a royal blue taffeta, while the slip is a light blue dupioni.

While the dress was lovely it was a bit too plain, so I went on a hunt to find something to dress it up a bit and found this beautiful flower. With just enough lace trim left to add some flair.  

This dress is now listed in my etsy shop Here

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Time for Spring!!

Its past time to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring!
So I present this 1950s outfit, made from one of Keeps Dolly Duds patterns.

Made from a light cotton calico with a pretty vibrant pink flower print.

Now listed in my shop