Thursday, August 18, 2016

Victorian Frock

In case your wondering a Frock is just a loosely fitted garment. 
 Most Victorian/Edwardian type dresses can be referred to as a frock. Just another fun name for a dress from this era

I haven't made a victorian outfit for probably a year+ and I had this one all cut out just waiting to be pieced together for quite a while now. I was getting a little frustrated with it and not sure liked it..but wow! once I put on the all the finishing details, I can now say I love how it turned out!

The original design I pulled from a picture of an old magazine Ad I had found online. I made up a pattern, picked out fabric and cut it all out, but sadly that was it! I never got to sewing it forward to this past week I decided to pull it out and finish it, yay! 
At first I could not remember what it was suppose to look like and of course I didn't save the picture, but after some hunting, I found the picture again and this time I saved it. 

Once I had that, I started sewing away; but after I had the frock mostly done with Nellie modeling it for me (to check its fit etc.) it just didn't look right or as great as I had imagined:( So I started adding lace, tucking up the band over the skirt, adding a few lace bows and what difference that made! It suddenly looked so much better!

And so ends the story of this frock.