Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Regency Attire Collection

Regency era attire starts with a shift. Shifts were the one thing that was worn through out the eras without much change in style, colonial and regency shifts are very much the same.

Next, came the stays (corset). The regency era seems to be a bit experimental with their stays; they no longer needed the fully boned stays of the colonial era as fashion was for looser fitted, empire waisted dresses that reflected the Greek/Roman empire era. So there are a few styles out there, but this one is a variation of short stays with no boning.

Then came a petticoat or 2, maybe 3,  made from either linen, cotton, silk, or even wool for colder times of the year. I however haven't made a petticoat:( So moving on..... The dress was pulled on over it all.

For going out in colder weather a cloak could be worn as often as a spencer (aka jacket). This one is made from a green wool, with a hood lined with a white poly/silk taffeta.

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