Tuesday, March 7, 2017

DIY Colonial Bow/ Breastknot

Isn't it pretty? 

First step is deciding on how big you want your bow to be. Make a loop with your ribbon making the smaller or lager until your happy with the size. Then cut the ribbon 1/2 inch extra, make a loop overlapping the edges 1/4 inch. 

Take your needle and thread knot the end of the thread before proceeding. Stick the needle through the overlapping pieces (like shown above) pull all the way through till the knot on the thread stops you.

Next push the needle back through (making a single stitch) the center to the front of you looped ribbon. Weave the needle back an forth through all the layers of ribbon (as shown above) going vertical from the center to the edge of the ribbon. Pull needle all the way through.

Now turn the needle and weave it all the way down (as in the picture above), like you just did, weaving it to the edge. Pull the thread tight so that it gathers the ribbon, then stick the needle through the gathers to the center.

Turn the needle and stick down the center, pull through to the back.
Next, take your ribbon and make a loop, the same size as the first loop. Add an extra 1.5 inches and cut.
Make a loop with the ribbon you just cut, the same size as the first. Bending the extra ribbon down at a 90 degree angle so that the ribbon hangs down straight, like the picture below:) 

Now you can take your needle, still attached to the first loop/bow and stick it down through the center, through all the layers of the second loop (pictured above). Pull thread all the way through making sure the first loop/bow lays vertical to the second horizontal loop. Weave the needle through only the second loop to the edge.

Just like with the first loop weave the needle back down or up to the other edge. Pulling your thread tight to gather the second loop.

Push the needle through all the gathers down to the center the second loop. Then stick the needle through the center up to the front of that first loop/bow 

Take your needle back down again through the center to the back of the second loop/bow and tie a knot. 
Tip: I like to pass it back through couple times for extra strength, before tying the knot

Fold the "tails" of your bow in half vertically and cut at an angle to get the upside down V shape. I also would put some "Fray Check" on the ribbon edge to keep it from quickly fraying away.

And thats it! You now have a beautiful colonial bow!